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Jus Blend Juices

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Jus Blend Juices

Jus Blend is a Jamaican-rooted, New York City-based family that produces fresh, cold-pressed juices to the city and surrounding areas. They are dedicated to spreading their juices’ restorative qualities and proven personal success to others. It was imperative that the brand reflect the owner’s zest for life and vibrant, fun-loving personality.

Jus Blend Juices

Our Client's Thoughts

Words fail me. I literally shed a few tears!! This is my vision executed to perfection.

EVERYTHING 'blends' immaculately well together. You are phenomenal and I mean that in every sense of the word. I'm not a parent as of yet but it literally feels like you gave my baby life. It has been such a hectic week and opening this email was just what was needed to shift gears.

The attention to every last detail is literally breathtaking. I am truly so happy and so pleased with what you have created. I called my husband and my dad and just started to scream (happy scream) and cry.

sara trowers, owner

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