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Maternity Hours


The time is near: the newest member of 82 Birds is almost here. Many of you know that Bibi has been baking the newest of member of 82 Birds for about 8 months now, and a lot of you have already inquired about how the baby’s arrival will impact work flow.

It’s all outlined here, but the most important thing to note is that starting July 31, 2017, email response time will be significantly reduced. Please read below for details.

While Bibi doesn’t plan on taking an actual maternity leave, starting July 31, 2017, her response time to emails will be greatly reduced. By all means, do send emails and work requests as normal, but note that you may not hear back for multiple days.

Since this is a new journey for both Bibi and 82 Birds, we do ask for your preparedness and patience during this rare and momentous time.

  • Please send any work / maintenance requests by July 24th to ensure they get put into our development queue.
  • New design requests and work will not be handled until—at earliest—mid-September. More details on this will come as baby settles in.
  • All work / maintenance requests already in progress will be completed before August, or in whatever time frame has been pre-arranged.


It’s hard to step away from our clients and Bibi will miss coordinating with everyone as regularly as she does, however, we appreciate all the support, well wishes and patience we have already received during this eventful year.

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the Summer and look forward to hearing from you all as we embark on our latest project!

As always, if there are questions, concerns or thoughts about this or anything else, be sure to reach out and let us know.

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