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About Us

and, about you too!

We believe that a global movement towards goodness is essential, and that each of us can play a role in that movement.

In 2008, from a humble studio apartment in Long Island, NY, we used our skills to create brand identities, websites and various print media for a myriad of clients. Now we’re settled in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and are focusing our creative efforts on being a part of something bigger. We’re looking for compassionate individuals, small businesses and non-profits with a mission to take part in the global movement towards good.

Bibi Dowell

Bibi Dowell

People who know me are tired of hearing that I grew up and lived in Queens, NY for 25 years. But I can’t hide how proud I am of my city roots, mostly because it shaped my love of art and design while simultaneously exposing me to the disparity of privilege and poverty. My career as a graphic designer allows me to exercise my creativity with purpose. Each day I’m challenged with how to visually communicate a message for my clients who are on a mission. I consider myself lucky to being doing work that I love for people and organizations that I admire, but my happiest day will be when all of us taking part in “fighting the good fight” no longer have to do so.

I enjoy documentaries, laughing loudly at Louis CK, drinking tea, eating healthy, taking photos on vacation, listening to ’90s music, being bossed around by my birds and wishing it were Spring.
Benjamin Dowell

Benjamin Dowell

I’ve always had an interest in figuring out how things work and why they are the way they are. On my journey, I’ve allowed nature and science to be my guides. Although I have an educational background in both natural sciences and graphic design, I discovered the art of coding over a decade ago and my career path was solidified. I’ve found that my somewhat obsessive need for organization and efficiency is an essential tool for web development. When I can meticulously create a streamlined solution for my client’s complex online needs, I consider my day to be a successful one.

I enjoy running several times a week, practicing kung-fu, relaxing with a video game (Chrono Trigger is my favorite), and being inspired by anime, philosophy, physics, history and the cosmology king: Carl Sagan.

The Perfect Partnership

The perfect partnership

You’re passionate about being compassionate.

You’re doing vital work in your personal life, community or business.

You value new perspectives and collaboration.

You’re organized and can communicate efficiently and punctually.

You consider yourself proficient in technology.

You believe in investment, making time and doing the work.

We want to partner with driven people who want to share their message and do good in the world.

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