82 Birds is a graphic design and web development boutique, where we deliver custom creative solutions rooted in function—crafted individually and earnestly for our clients.

We specialize in website design and development, print design and branding for businesses of any shape or size, and we can’t wait to create something exceptional with you.


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  • Consulting

    CONSULTING It’s time for your fresh start. Let’s talk about all your aspirations and ideas, your dilemmas and deadlines. We’ll then create a custom plan of action to achieve your creative needs.

  • Design

    DESIGN You have an idea that needs to be visually translated. Let’s get started on your logo, business card, website or anything else that needs visual finesse and expert attention to detail.

  • Development

    DEVELOPMENT HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, et cetera aren’t only a mishmash of letters, they’re what give your website life. We’ll build you a masterpiece of clean, intelligent code.

  • Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE After any web or design project has been completed you’ll likely need assistance with updates and edits. Rest assured we’ll be there for you to keep things running smoothly.

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  • I can provide only the highest ratings for 82 Birds. Bibi and Benjamin are both very talented and creative and most importantly have always given us exactly what we request. We have had a relationship with them for a number of years and trust them with the continuing development work on our website, our blog, and our interactive portal.


  • I almost feel bad taking credit for all of the great compliments I’ve received on my website since it was the brilliant creation of 82 Birds! Software engineers have even peeked at Benjamin’s HTML and CSS and told me how impressed they were with the site’s “clean code.” Bibi did a great job translating my requests for the site (“I want it purple...and cool...but approachable”) into a well-executed design that’s both professional and really fun. On top of 82 Birds going beyond my expectations, both Bibi and Ben were super easy to work with, answered all of my questions, and treated me with 100% respect. You can really tell that they love what they do, which means their clients will get a great product. I couldn’t recommend these two more if they paid me! Thanks, guys.


  • Benjamin and Bibi are brilliant. I handed them raw ideas and they created two websites, logos, meditation cards and business cards that far exceeded my expectations. They are experts in the field of web design, patient, personable and reasonable. They are part of my growth team. I highly recommend 82 Birds.


  • Benjamin and 82 Birds are fantastic to work with. Aside from delivering spectacular results, he aids in the decision making process by offering new ideas and unique solutions. I would definitely recommend Benjamin for anybody looking to create or upgrade their online presence.


  • Working with Benjamin and Bibi was a pleasure from start to finish. At times when we could not decide how we wanted parts of our design to look, they were there to make intuitive suggestions. Their expertise in each of their respective fields is very creative, as well as innovative. Our customers used the site with ease and there has not been a single issue since the day it went live. Benjamin even taught us how to operate the back end system to make changes with ease. Within their competitive business, 82 Birds flies high.


  • My new website has been launched under the guidance and expertise of Bibi and her partner Benjamin. Bibi’s amazing talent in graphic design and creative direction, along with her equally-talented partner Benjamin have worked with me as a cohesive team to create www.partyaccents.biz. Their devotion is never-ending, their integrity unquestionable, and their talents are enormous. From the creative design aspect to the complicated coding of a site such as mine, Bibi has been sheer perfection! She and her partner Ben in 82 Birds are a jewel in their industry.


  • Ben and Bibi completely saved my blog. I was having some trouble working with my existing designer with respect to a particularly buggy aspect of my site, and so I reached out to Ben and Bibi for a quote and some help improving my blog design. They were both extremely responsive, super helpful and very knowledgeable about both the design and coding of my blog! Ben, in a matter of hours, completely re-did the slideshow aspect of my blog: he responded immediately to my questions, stayed on the phone with me to work out exactly what I wanted, and had a great attitude the whole time. He was a pleasure to work with. Additionally, Bibi gave me some great creative advice on how to make simple tweaks to improve my blog design even further. Thanks 82Birds for all the help! I’d highly recommend them for your website design needs, it’s been great working with both Bibi and Ben!


  • I knew from the start I was looking for a boutique website company that I would be able to work one on one with. Prior to finding 82 Birds, I contacted many local companies here in NYC and was not happy with the response from any of them. From the way they work, their pricing, lack of energy, how long it took them to get back to me—totally disappointing. 82 Birds far surpassed in every category. I was hesitant working with a company that was not local—however the entire process from start to finish was smooth as sailing! I immediately noticed the great mix of creativity and web knowledge from Bibi and Benjamin, as well as 100% professionalism. 82 Birds worked in a timely manner and everything went according to schedule. They are very quick to get back to me with questions regarding the site, which is very important to me :O) I have nothing but positive words to say about working with 82 Birds!


  • 82 Birds designed our blog. I was really impressed by how well they interpreted what I wanted in the design, and at every step they surpassed my expectations. Really flawless execution, and they’re great people to work with. Highly recommended for any web project.


  • Bibi was our introduction to 82 Birds. She took the time out to answer the many questions that we presented her with and consequently offered to set up a meeting. Ben and Bibi came into XO Glow and became better acquainted with our style. We discussed, in detail, what we wanted to gain from the reconstruction of our website. We were delighted with the passion for their profession. Shortly thereafter, we met at XO Glow. Ben and Bibi really had a great understanding of what we wanted to accomplish and they worked diligently at presenting us with different options. We also would like to express our gratitude for their patience. We were very particular and thorough with our design process and they could have not handled it better. Their ability to make our thoughts a reality was incredible. We could have not asked for a better experience!


  • The 82 Birds team of Ben and Bibi Dowell were spectacular. When we shopped for web developers, we were pretty sure our Illinois Media Group web site concept would be a bit of a challenge. Coming in very nicely against their competitors on price, Ben and Bibi’s insight and intelligent approach to our requirements produced a quality site beyond their competitors best showing and certainly beyond what we imagined. Great team to work with, reasonable price we now have a user editable customer / provider database online!


  • Working with Bibi and Benjamin Dowell is a pleasure. Traveling through the design process with Bibi has been a very positive and collaborate experience which has brought results that I have been very proud of and eager to show off.


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At the heart of 82 Birds lies a bigger goal—happiness in our daily lives. We accomplish this by doing what we love: creating, learning and interacting with clients in need of high-quality creative solutions—people that we develop a mutually beneficial relationship with. We’ve successfully provided solutions founded in functional creativity to the fine folks we’ve had the opportunity to work with, and with each new opportunity comes another chance to nurture our goal.

Being a husband and wife team, we are not only married to each other, but to our work, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a great thing waking each morning to a life that fosters such delight.

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We’d love to hear from you! Email hello@82birds.com or call us at 815 315-0416

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